Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sister Kane's Dec 18 email

Oi familia! I am so grateful it's P-day and I can write to you all! Thank you so so so much for all the emails and the many letters I've been receiving. You guys are truly the best!
I have a nice little outline I made this time so I hopefully won't forget anything and I can write a little faster... we'll see how it works :) 

Mom, I did get the giant delicious cookie and we just barely enjoyed the cinnamon roll :) You're the best! Thank you so so so much! Between my companion and I we have a lot of treats lined up for the next little while :)
Also, about the Christmas letters.. I'm sorry about the Fed ex thing :( Maybe a miracle will happen and they will come through. Either way, I love ya! I sent off Christmas cards for each of you last week. Hopefully they make it in time! But don't read them until Christmas if you get them before!
Okay, so as for my week...
RAIN. It's been raining ALL week and I LOVE it. It's so nice outside. Also, after a few good weeks with a broken air conditioner, it finally works again! But now all the men in suits are freezing us girls out. We'll take it over sweating though :) All the Brazilians have been wearing their winter coats this week.. ridiculous.
We lost so many people this week! The numbers here are about half of what they were when we got here. We had a huge group leave for the field last week and another huge group this morning. So sad. Most of our dearest friends here left this morning. That included our sweet roommates, Sister Aguiar and Sister Pereira, and our dearest friends across the hall, Sister Lima and Sister Campbell. It was so hard to say goodbye to them! I feel a little like a lost puppy without their beautiful smiling faces here. They were honestly the greatest girls and touched my heart deeply. I love them so much. I will definitely miss them (already do!) but they are on to bigger and better things and will change so many lives. I'm very excited for them. (Jeni Bowman.. my roommates are going to Florianopolis! Heyo!! They already know all about you :) )
The language is coming along well. I am learning, understanding, and speaking more each day. The biggest thing is talking to the Brazilians. It's going to be harder now because so many of our friends left, but we'll make new ones :) Last night we were talking to our roommates and they said, "How on earth are you guys learning the language so fast?" Easy. God. That's how. He's helping me so much everyday and I know I wouldn't be speaking like I am if it weren't for him. So grateful.
Look up the Brazil National Anthem. It's the best. Imagine me trying to sing it... it's a joke.
The other day we were doing language study on the computers and we can listen to church music while we're doing it. The computer I was on had Nashville Tribute Band on there. It was "The Work" CD. All about missionary work. It is SO GOOD. I sat there listening to it and couldn't stop smiling. Every song pinpointed exactly what life is like here. Listen to it. Mom, listen to the song called "Bless My Soul". I thought of you the whole time. I love you. Also there's a song on there that talks about the mission being " the hardest thing I've ever LOVED to do." Exactly.
It's going to be a quiet Christmas! The numbers are low here and we supposedly aren't getting any more North Americans until January. And there will be a few Brazilians and Hispanics this week but not many. It'll be different. But we get to do some fun things that day and I'm really looking forward to it actually. It'll be a unique, very special Christmas. Mom, they didn't give us a time that we'll be emailing :( Sorry! And they cut it back again to just half an hour. But you will be hearing from me on Christmas day and as always, my prayers will be coming your way :)
We had a fireside on Sunday night all about Joseph Smith. It was incredible. His birthday is coming up. So is Christ's. What a wonderful time of the year :) I'm so grateful to be here at this time!
It's wonderful here. It really really is. I go to bed after every long, exhausting day and think, "You know. I've never been happier than I am right now." It is truly a privilege to be here. I am so grateful I have this opportunity. Every day I get more anxious to go to Santa Maria and start sharing this glad message and see people's lives change because of it. I love this gospel with my whole heart. I know that it is true. I know that God lives and that He is in the details of our lives. I've never been so sure of anything in my life. I feel His hand in my life strengthening me and teaching me every day. The mission is SO GOOD. If you're wondering if you should come, you should. Come. It's the best.
I love you to the stars and back! I pray for you everyday. I feel your prayers and love. THANK YOU. I need them. 

Can't wait to email you on Christmas :) 

Have a wonderful week and a very Merry Christmas remembering our Savior and the beautiful life He leads!
All my love,
Sister Kane

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