Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 11

Oi queridos!

Thank you so much for the emails! How wonderful to hear from each of you. You are the coolest! Seriously. I love hearing all the cool things you´re doing and all the great experiences you are having. You are such rays of sunshine. I love ya with all my heart!

Mom and Dad, can´t wait to hear about your cruise and see pictures!!! How fun for you. I´m excited to know everything that you did! And mom, so so cool about your experience with the Book of Mormon! Look at you! So very cool. I´m so proud of my missionary mom :) Really, that is so neat. That she accepted with tears in her eyes, and full of gratitude. Please write me and tell me all the details of that experience!!

Baby Bentley gets cuter and cuter every single week. Seriously. Oh I want to hold that cute little face!!! Minha nossa, he´s going to be running and talking and signing by the time I get home... crazy. By the way, it´s half way through March... did you know that? I cannot believe it! Where is the time going? Holy cow.

Okay, well admidetly (I don´t know how to spell that word...) I don´t much to report this week! It was a rather slow week here... most of our plans every day fell through and our investigators are slow to progress. But we found some really great people this week too! The other day we were in a neighborhood, second day in a row, trying to make contact with two young men that have gone to the church several times already, but we´ve yet to find them at home. We had just knocked on Rafael´s door and no one answered, but we knew there were people in the house. We walked away with the idea that he wasn´t interested and we were going to have to find others. We were talking about how we wanted to find more "Henriques" (he was our baptism last month and was just so powerful, so prepared). Next thing we know, we hear "Sisters!" from down the street and turn around to see Rafael. Long story short, we ended up teaching him and his mom, and he is SO powerful! He´s only 13, but he is an outstanding kid, I tell ya what. So humble, so well mannered, understood everything we taught perfectly. Then right after we went to teach the other young man, his friend as well, Ricardo. Also outstanding and powerful and ready for the gospel. We´re hoping to baptize the two of them this saturday :) We´re calling them our "mini Henriques" or "eleitinhos". (Eleito means elect in Portuguse, but you can add ´´inho´´to mean little... our little elects haha).

Anyway, they are great. We´re excited for them. We´re also working with a wonderful family of 6, who already seem to be members. They are awesome and have a very strong faith. They´ve already received the missionaries many times, but I think we´re going to be able to succeed this time. They seem to be ready now. Ah! A family!

Satan is working hard here in this area. The ward has a lot of issues, and probably triple the number of inactive members than there are active. If not more. But, we´re going to bring them back! Lots of work to do!

Things are going well.. the other sisters are powerful and very hard working. We´re just trying to keep up with them haha. They´re great. It´s a little tough having two in the same area because we knock on the same doors and visit the same members sometimes, but the Lord needs us all here and so we´re making it work!

Hmm... I´ve been trying to remember other things...... But know that your daughter is well and happy! How grateful I am to Heavenly Father for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime.

Time is winding down.. gotta run. I love you with all my heart! You are incredible! I thank Heavenly Father every day for giving me such a wonderful, strong family. What a blessing. Truly. That so many people don´t have. Thank you! I LOVE YOU!!!

Have a marvelous week! Filled with light and faith!

Sending all my love from Brazil,
Sister Kane

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