Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Bom dia, querida família! 
Well, this set of emails has been a fun one hahah... Jessi totalled my old first companion, Sister Nascimento, is well in the works preparing for her wedding, other nutty news,and I also nearly cried when I received the email asking for my information for my flight home..... ai ai ai. I remember one year ago when my trainer received that email and she nearly cried as well... I never thought my day would come! It´s a strange strange strange thing. I can´t believe how fast it´s going. A little bit of a whirlwind today! hahah.

This week has been a great one. Every week, every day is great. I couldn´t be happier. Perhaps my emails seem a bit redundant with that phrase haha, but I can´t explain the true happiness that fills my heart each day here. It´s priceless. 

This week I´ve learned more about how the Lord places certain people in our lives,always in exactly the right moment, to enter into our lives and stay in our lives for eternity. There are so many people here who I absolutely love, who I am certain were placed into my life to stay for eternity. Companions, other missionaries, recent converts, much love fills my heart. Can you believe I´ve been in Cruz Alta for nearly 8 months now?? I can´t believe how fast it´s gone. I love this place. I hope the Lord lets me stay here until the end...! 

One of this people who entered into my heart during these weeks is Vitoria. A young woman, 13 years old, who has passed through much more than any 13 year old should have to pass.She was baptizedon Saturday, and was able start a new life. She´s got a complicated past, but Heavenly Father wanted to give her a new chance,a new beginning.That´s what I Love about this gospel.It´s perfect. Our Heavenly Father´s love is so infinite, it doesn´t exclude anyone,it invites every single person to partake of the happiness of the gospel.Vitoria is changing her life.Little by little, her face glows a little more, her smile gets a little wider. This gospel is for everyone.

We had zone conference this weekend.We gave a training about listening and loving the investigator.Big crowd this time.. it was a good experience. We were reunited with many friends in this conference and we had all our sisters there.. so fun. It was so great to see everyone and remember some of the great memories together. Eternal friendships here. How grateful I am for each of the people the Lord has given me the opportunity to meet. I love this place. It´s passing far too quickly...But we´re embracing every singleday and loving every moment. The happiness is deep and eternal.
I love each of you!! Thank you for being so incredible and so faithful. How blessed I am. Have a wonderful week! 
Sending my love and prayers,
Sister Kane

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