Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hotter than Hades; Happier than ever!

Bom dia! 
Se eu pudesse escrever em portugês, eu ficaria muito feliz... mas.... 
Well, if I could write to you in portugues I would be very happy! My mind has quite a challenge with english...
Thank you for the wonderful emails and updates. You fill my heart with happiness! I am glad to hear everyone is well and happy and working hard. Baby B is the CUTEST. Take advantage of the cold!!! Here it´s like walking in a sauna everyday... I´ve never sweat like this in my life hahaha... drops of sweat fall from my face.. drops. Daily. Yuck. But, it doesn´t stop the happiness :) 
This week has been wonderfully busy and wonderfully exhausting and wonderfully happy. We had the opportunity to go to São Borja again this week to work with the Sisters there. Eeshh... Let me tell you... São Borja is the bordering city with Argentina. It´s called a "fronteira" city where the weather gets all the extremes. (I´m sorry, I feel like my grammar isn´t making sense.. and the other american elder here is just as lost as I am and is not helping haha). It´s hotter than hot and colder than cold in the winter. 44 degrees celsius. Eesh. If i´m not mistaken, I believe it´s over 110 degrees farenheit. Imagine that! Hahah I decided after that that I´d accept willingly the 37, 38 degrees here in Cruz Alta. But we had a great time with the sisters there, even with that glorious heat. It´s so fun for me to work with Sister Claret, one of my dearest friends and roomate of 5 months here in Cruz Alta. 
We´ve been running around to prepare everything for this upcoming week, and trying to keep up with our work here and in helping the sisteres. Heavenly Father has helped us so much!! Even though our time is often short, He always makes time for us to accomplish everything and to able to visit our investigators and recent converts, etc. This week I have felt such an outpouring of love from our Father in Heaven, and an overwhelming love for the people we are teaching. Many times throughout this week I have found myself choked up as I testify to God´s children how much He loves them. I´ve felt it so clearly this week, for the investigators, the other sisters, the recent converts. So much love and true desire to help them in their difficulties. It seems like my own worries and difficulties have simply gone away, because my greater worry is for each of them. I remember Dad always telling me that when I was younger.. if you´re having difficulties or not feeling happy, go and serve someone else. Make them happy, and you´ll find happiness and solutions to your own problems in turn. How grateful I am so be here. The time flies by. Each day has become increasingly more precious to me and I pray to able to help each of God´s children in this area in the way that He needs me to. I love this work more than my words can express. I am so grateful for the daily growth and progress here on the mission. I love you so much! Thank you for your examples and support! 
Sei que Cristo é nosso Salvador. Ele nos conhece e nos ama perfeitamente. Que vocês possam sentir isso durante essa semana. 
Amo vocês!
Sister Kane

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