Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 24

Bom dia, família! 
Thank you for all the emails and updates. Everyone seems to be doing so well. I am so proud of each of you and so grateful for your examples in my life! Thank you for the endless support!! I think I´m the most blessed Sister ever. :)

We´ve had another wonderful week here in Cruz Alta. Have I mentioned how much I love this place? So very much. I hope to stay here until the end! We´ll see what the Lord´s got planned :) The beginning of this week started off a little nuts, a little stressful, but the weekend was perfect. On Saturday we helped in a stake service project, painting and cleaning a school. We had way too much fun! It´s always been a dream of mine since the beginning of the mission to be able to PAINT in a service project, and finally my dream was fulfilled :) I´ll send some pics. I think I ended up painting myself more than painting the school haha. The Lord placed some very special people in our path this week. People truly prepared for the gospel. Yesterday we had several people confirmed to come to church with us, but on our way when we called to confirm again, they all cancelled and said they wouldn´t be able to come. I was a little stressed with that and started to reflect on what I need to change and improve so that we might be able to help our investigators better. We set some goals, and headed on to church, praying for a miracle, that someone would show up. There´s a recent convert, Carol, who´s 14 years old and an incredible young woman. Pure missionary already (she´s been a member for 4 months). We started teaching her family this week and it´s been incredible to see Carol´s joy as she watches her mom and sister accept the gospel. They both had confrimed that they´d go to church but then cancelled.. when we got to church we went to find Carol and decided to go to her house and talk to her mom and sister to come to church. Carol was a little doubtful and had a hard time believing that they´d come. But off we went, the 3 of us praying and asking for a miracle. When we got to her house, her mom (who´s paralyzed from the waist down) had gotten herself up and was getting ready to come to church. The look on Carol´s face when she walked in was perfect.. she was so surprised and so happy. When we got in the car, Carol hugged us and quietly said, "I love you guys. Thank you so much." Her joy was indescribable to have her mom at church with her. She was so so happy. It was the miracle of the day. The Lord is so very kind. So so so very kind. I love this work. There´s nothing that brings greater joy. Last night as we walked home, there was a thunderstorm collecting on the outskirts of the city... it´s the most incredible thing when this happens because there´s lightning within all the clouds..before the rain starts to fall. i don´t know how to explain. I´ll send a few pictures, but the pictures don´t do it justice. It was the most incredible sky last night... we walked home feeling so much happiness, so much love for this place. My heart is captured here in Rio Grande do Sul. Days like yesterday, I could stay here forever. I love this gospel. I love learning and growing each day. I love being able to feel closer to the Lord each day. There´s truly no greater joy than this. The time is running before me... I can´t believe who fast it´s gone. I´m so grateful for the time here and for the precious time I have left in this blessed place. If you could all stop praying for the time to hurry up and pray for it to slow down I would greatly apprecite it ;) haha. I love you very much. Have a wonderful week! May you feel the Lord´s great love for each of you and recognize His hand in each day! 
Sending my love and prayers from Cruz Alta, 
Sister Kane

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