Thursday, April 3, 2014


Bom dia começa com alegria!
Thank you for the wonderful emails! Seems like everyone´s doing great! Getting excited for conference, are we? Wooohoo! I am so so so excited. I can´t wait! It´s truly the most wonderful time of the year. The most rewarding weekend of all. Joe, I´ll try to at least take a sneak peak of you translating! You´re the coolest! I am so proud of you! We´ll see what announcements the prophet has for us this week :) 

This week´s been great. Lots and lots and lots of learning. As always :) This week I´ve learned more about the importance of looking UP. Many times we look to our side, to our friends and family for help, before looking UP. I´ve always had the dearest of friends at my side through the mission and I often made that mistake of looking to them for advice instead of looking up first. Here I´ve learned to look up before looking anywhere else and I´ve felt the greatest difference. It´s incredible to see how Heavenly Father is so ready to answer us and to help us. He literally is just waiting for us to look up and to ask Him and He answers us immediately. 

We are teaching some great people. Janine is the greatest. She´s 24 and she is loving everything about the gospel. She wants to be a missionary :) Haha. But sadly she´ll have to wait becuase she´s got two little boys already. But she is really special. She honestly accepts everything we teach with so much excitement and willingness. People like her bring so much joy into a missionary´s heart! José is progressing.. haha he´s a stubborn one. But we marked is grandaughter´s baptism for the 12th and we´re praying that he´ll finally make his choice and be baptized with her. But I love this place. The Lord is touching hearts here. Mine included.

My companion is doing well. I am so grateful for her. She teaches me so much! She is one of the most special people I have met on my mission, who is changing and blessing me more than she thinks she is. I have no doubts that we knew eachother before we came to the earth and that we were already chosen to be companions one day here. The Lord placed us together at this time for a wise purpose in Him. How grateful I am. 

Well, gotta run. Have a wonderful week, and a marvelous conference!! Woohoo! Oh how I love that Tommy Monson. I´d like to be more like him! 
I love you! Thank you for the endless support and love! You´re in my prayers. 
Sending my love and prayers from São Gabriel, 
Sister Kane

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