Friday, April 25, 2014

Olá gente!

Note from Katie's Mom:  Katie finishes her mission on May 13th.  She will speak in our Church on May 25th at 11:00a (Riverton Tithing Hill Ward).  There may be an open house the Saturday night before, but I will leave it up to her how she wants to reconnect with everyone (our son preferred to connect one on one and not have an open house, dunno what she will want).  She'll probably post on facebook when she returns, and she can let you know.  Thanks everyone for your support!  We can't wait to see her!  Cheers!
Olá gente! Posso escrever em portugues por favor? é bem mais fácil! 
I´m very short on time... and there´s so much to tell you! 
Quick updates.... 
Miracles are REAL. Many miracles have happened this week. José marked his baptismal date!!!!! We aren´t even in his branch anymore, but the live on our street so we pass by to say hello. His granddaughter, Isabele,( remember?) was baptized on SAturday and José was touched deeply. He said the closing prayer and asked perdão..... ai ai my brain is not working in english with the stress o time hahah... anyway, he was very touched. Yesterday we went he he has marked his date. I cried with the sweetest happiness. How I love that family. They have captured my heart completely. 
We are loving the new area. Think of the most backwoods place you can imagine.. with dirt roads, nothing but fields, horses, cows, crops, chickens in the road, in the house.... that´s our new area :) hahahah we are having a blast. So much fun. There were so many pictures I took this week that I wanted to send you but I don´t think I have time! Next week :)

We cross a bridge every day.. it goes over a big lake. The most beautiful place. It reminds me of daybreak lake... always brings back several memories haha.
I gave me last testimony today in our zone meeting....... very very strange.
We have FAMILIES here. Big families that we are teaching. So special. This week a family of SEVEN came to church. All  of them. It was incredible. I was so so happy.
I love the mission. So much. I don´t feel like I`m in the end.... Nor do I want to haha. I am happier than ever. I love this gospel. In this area I have learned so much about my Heavenly FAther and my SAvior Jesus Christ. I have come to know them in a much truer way than ever before. I have developed a sweet relationship with my Heavenly Father here and felt the sweetest peace.
I love each of you. Thank you for the endless support. I am so so proud of each of you. I wouldn´t be here without you. I wouldn´t be who I am today without you. Thank you for getting me to this point. My life has changed for all eternity because of it. This gospel is true. Let´s spread the good news.
I love you! Have a wonderful week! 
My love and prayers,
Sister Kane

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